Small Groups (4 or less)  
Learn to play snooker in a group. Receive an intensive, structured or unstructured group tutorial with up to three friends.  
Corporate Events  
Add a twist to your next corporate function. Cliff uses the game of snooker to promote corporate goals, team building and business objective alignment in an entertaining and memorable way.  
Executive Retreat (8 or Less)  
Planning your next executive retreat? Invite Cliff to speak on his winning strategy used to propel him to the top of his game, one that is easily transferable to the business world.  
Themed Event  
Looking to motivate and energize your employees? Focus on a particular aspect with a themed event of your choice. Able to incorporate virtually any theme, Cliff’s clinics help you to effectively communicate your company’s objective to your team.  
Public Speaking Engagements  
With 42 years of success in his domain, Cliff is a true expert on using a consistent set of principles to propel him to the top of his game. Learn how his winning formula (experience, discipline, focus and the strategy to produce a successful managed outcome) can be applied to your organization.  

Specialized Pricing Available