Whether you’re a newbie with an interest in the game or an aspiring professional looking to ready yourself for the global stage, Cliff can help you to achieve your personal goals. His expertise and relaxed teaching style are applied to a full range of programs to suit your needs.

Unstructured Tutorial  
Set your own course. With no fixed agenda, these freestyle sessions allow you to construct and adjust a lesson to suit a particular area of choice.  
Structured Tutorial  
Identify and eliminate core problem areas. The Structured Tutorial Program consists of five sessions, including: 
• one two-hour skill-level assessment
• four one-hour sessions specifically designed to better your overall performance.
Regular Program  
(Prerequisite: Structured Tutorial Program) Take your game to the next level as you to drill down into a particular discipline. Choose between instruction in regular snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball and diamond snooker.  
Trick Shots  
Learn how to execute trick shots like a pro. With 35 years of participation in Trick Shot championships, Cliff offers coaching on mastering a particular shot. Choose between: 
• Wing Shot
• Butterfly Shot
• Just Showin’ Off Shot
• Machine Gun Shot
• Over and Under Shot
Tournament Coaching  
Polish up your game for a professional tournament. Cliff helps you to put the finishing touches on your game and prepare for a stellar tournament performance.