Pool School

Pool School

There’s a misconception about pool which seems to have gained some momentum over the years, that tells us the game is merely a simplified version of snooker. That somehow a smaller table and fewer balls makes the game less convoluted and therefore easier to play. This is an error of judgement that anyone who has played the sport at a higher level will be all too familiar with.

The truth is that pool is often more complex altogether than snooker. The smaller table leads to more complicated game plans, more things that can go wrong and more opportunities to win or lose in a shorter space of time. If you’re looking to take your game on to a whole new level, this is the time to call in some much-needed help from an experienced and talented expert.

Cliff Thorburn became world-famous for his snooker achievements, but he cut his teeth in the pool halls of North America. More than most people, he knows all about the subtleties of the game, how a winning position can become a losing one in no time and what you need to get to the very top. He has constantly shown that he has the qualities needed to win, and he can show them to you now.

He offers a patient approach based on decades of experience at the very top, and can tailor coaching solutions to both individual players and groups. Coaching sessions can cover all aspects of this intricate and skilful sport, including:

  • When to attack and when to defend
  • Safety play to stifle an opponent
  • Strategies to make you a winner
  • Understanding the effects of spin
  • Thinking about shots in advance
  • Developing a winning mentality
  • Making the cue work for you

…and more. Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur looking to improve or a seasoned professional hoping to get back to the top, The Grinder can help. Contact Cliff today to find out more.